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Gyan Mudra



Available for anyone who does not feel comfortable sharing their practice with others or who want a completely unique and personal experience. Private guided meditations are offered one-on-one, either in person or offered virtually to anywhere in the world. This private experience is completely channeled and curated to your specific needs or intentions and works at a time that is mutually agreeable to both of us. 

Please inquire for  a quick consultation and a purposeful discussion about your current situation, perceived blocks and aspirations, together we will a create customized mindfulness plan that will create more awareness and inspire conscious positive change in thoughts, behaviours and actions and ultimately, your life.

Download my complimentary mini-meditation guiding you to a deeper relaxation so you can unwind anytime. 

Meditation Class
Gradient Ocean



Our minds are capable of reprogramming our health, our bodies and our beliefs respectively. 

What if we harnessed this to optimize our working environment?

My corporate services bring integrative wellness and healing services straight to your workplace including wellness workshops, meditation and yoga sessions and offerings that are carefully curated to meet the needs of your business and each individual employee.

For every $1 spent on employee wellness,

there is an average ROI of $5.81

-Based off reports of 56 studies


If you are new to meditation, congratulations, this is a life changer!

I know from experience, many people have a hard time getting into a practice or getting into a deeper state of consciousness. Especially if they are not used to it. I would be honoured to help assist you on getting started. Please try out my morning meditation, available for FREE, and l recommend you do it daily.

You will notice a shift in your mindset and your life, respectively. 

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